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  Artifact Restarting  

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Restarting for artifacts is an easy, albeit time consuming, way to stockpile large quantities of artifacts. The goal is to go through the missions up to a certain point as quickly as possible, gathering the artifact rewards along the way, and then restart and repeat the process. These can later be either used in normal gameplay, or in trade for dps to spend on paid account additions. Artifact restarting is for you if you have a large amount of patience and fortitude and wish to achieve the benefits of paid gameplay without actually paying yourself.

This guide will cover the two most common types of artifact restarting: Terran and Marauder Restarting. Included will be notable rewards, mission/infrastructure requirements, an in-depth guide on how to go about restarting, and ways to put your artifacts to good use.

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Table of Contents

  1. Terran Restarts

  2. Marauder Restarts

  3. What to Do with the Artifacts
  4. What to Buy with Your DPs

Terran Restarts

Terran restarts are good for getting a variety of artifacts – Regalos (Regs), Big Time Capsules (BTC), and Planetary Core Capsules (PCC), just to name a few. These artifacts are very useful later in the game, so keeping this in mind, Terran restarts are an excellent way to start your empire up.

Notable rewards for Terran restarts include:
- 48 Regalos
- 5 BTCs
- 7 PCCs
- 15 Major Afortunado
- 13 Grand Estructura
- 9 Minor Afortunado
- 25 Platinum Dinero
- 20 Silver Dinero

Requirements before Beginning Restarts

There are actually very few requirements for this type of artifact restarting. This makes it a viable type of restarting for almost any new empire.

- Must have paid account (required to do the missions with high artifact rewards)
- Have reliable funder(s) who will send you food (this will make restarts a lot faster, since you won’t have to advertise your restarting on chat every time you need food)
- Dedication and determination (time spent online is not a huge factor here, as will be explained later)

How to Get Funders:

The most important thing about restarts is also sometimes the most difficult: getting funders.
Funders are basically people who will tribute you credits/food in return for something else, usually 2 btc/10 regs in return for 400bil food for Terran restarts. They can be in-game friend, members in your federation, or people you don’t know. However, the requirement is that they will be one of the bigger empires, with at least 2 million planets (due to the fact that tribute size is dependent on planet count).

The quickest way to get funding for your restarts is to form connections with the high planet count players. You can find a listing of the top 100 planet players by going to Military > Rank > Top Empires > Planets. The majority of these players have large amounts of excess food and would be more than willing to trade their excess resources for artifacts.

Yes, you will be giving away 2 BTC or 10 Regalos for every time you are funded, but do NOT worry – this works in favor of both parties. The 400bil food they send you will get you through 1 Terran restart, which will give you many artifacts (including 48 Regalos and 5 BTC, which immediately replaces the artifacts you just traded). It is strongly suggested to only trade regalos for funding, since these are less important than BTC in the late game, and you will have thousands of these from restarting, compared to just a few hundred BTC.

Mission Requirements:

Below are the requirements for the missions for Terran restarts – you must accomplish each of these in order to complete a Terran restart:

• Research minister’s office, advanced scout, system defense V
• 150k planets
• 1.036 tril creds (this is optional)
• 200mil upkeep
• 4bil pr
• 30.6bil food
• 60mil raw material
• 750mil consumer goods
• 407mil terran metal
• 600mil red crystal
• 1610 mil rutile
• 1.45bil composite
• 500mil strafez organism

All these requirements may seem daunting, but they aren’t difficult to achieve since you will have all of the resources you need from the beginning to purchase/complete the requirements in a timely fashion.

Restart Walkthrough:

Below is an in-depth guide on completing Terran restarts:
1. Restart as Terran. Get funded for 400bil food; sell 263e9 (263 billion) units of food on market at 19 each.
2. Research:
- Composite Ships (50 turns)
- Mega Projects (75 turns) > Minister’s Office (90 turns)
- Small Terran Hull (50 turns) > Medium Terran Hull (100 turns) > Large Terran Hull (150 turns) > Advanced Scouts (250 turns (this will take a while, just continue doing this until you’re finished)
3. Once credits come into your bank, purchase:
- 60mil raw material
-751mil consumer goods
-402.05mil terran metal
-525mil red crystal
-1109mil rutile
-1686mil composite (the extra composite will be used to build light corvettes)

Then, keep 31 bil food and sell the rest at 19 (If you were funded for 400bil food this should be around 100bil food that you`re selling). Once this batch sells, purchase:
-487mil strafez organism

4. Once you are done with steps 2 and 3, build 10 turns of s. Viator II on your Sol system, and explore at least 79 turns at once on your Sol. Then quickly finish missions through Act 3 Mission 7.
5. Go to Science > Research, and research System Defense V (200 turns).
6. Build 118 mil units of light corvettes on v.fast on one of your outer systems (you should have two orions, and a capital – choose one to build this fleet on). You will end up with a Pr of 4.02bil.
7. Complete missions through act 5 mission 1 (meaning to complete act 5 mission 1 and then stop right after).

Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to complete your first Terran restart. Now the hard work is ahead of you – in order to get a nice amount of artifacts, you’ll need to do many more of these restarts. For information on what to do with the artifacts you receive from Terran restarts, skip to this section.

Marauder Restarts

Marauder restarts net you a smaller variety of artifacts: only 1 BTC and 2 minor barrera. They are very simple (if you complete just one or two rounds of restarts), but in order to get a nice amount of BTCs and minor barrera you will need to do dozens, if not hundreds of restarts. This is the most time/attention-intensive restart – you need to be dedicated and be constantly going through the restart process for hours at a time.

Requirements before Beginning Restarts

There are no strict requirements for this type of restart other than the fact that you should be a marauder. This does initially require a paid account to switch to marauder, but afterwards you can continue restarting as a marauder without the paid account. The recommended infrastructure is 100+ commercial (ALL infrastructure should be placed onto commercial – the more the better). This is due to the 1,000,000 commercial income per turn mission requirement, which will be explained in detail in the walkthrough section.

How to Get Funders

Funding for these types of restarts will be in the form of credits. The normal rate is 1 BTC for 300bil credits, which will get you through 3 restarts (net 2 BTC). If you are in a wealthy federation you may be able to get funding at lower/free rates. You will likely need many tributes of 300bil credits, so it is advised to get funders with high planet counts (5mil+) for consistent funding.

Mission Requirements

Below are the requirements for the missions for Marauder restarts – you must accomplish each of these in order to complete a Marauder restart:

• 100k fleet upkeep
• 150mil food
• 5mil Pr
• 5mil red crystal
• 1mil commercial income/turn

Restart Walkthrough

Below is an in-depth guide on completing Marauder restarts:
1. Restart as Marauder, assigning all infrastructure to commercial. Make sure you are on small turns. You can switch this by clicking on the turns box.
2. Build x amount of e.Eel, and then explore for y amount of planets. This requires some trial and error/guesswork, but I have provided rough checkpoints for you to follow below:

Infra Level e.Eel Needed Planets Needed
2512,367 48,486
50 21,662 29,631
75 25,610 21,623
100 27,877 17,023

Since planets require many more turns to explore for compared to building e.Eel, having more commercial infrastructure will allow you to do restarts more quickly.
3. Assign all free planets to commercial (you can leave the 1 planet on housing).
4. Complete missions up to and including Act 2 Mission 6. You should receive 2 minor barrera and 1 BTC.

These restarts only take several minutes to complete, so you will need to pay almost constant attention to your empire in order to get the most efficiency out of these restarts.

What to Do with the Artifacts

Okay, so you’ve completed a couple restarts and want to know what you can do with your artifacts – well here are my opinions on what you should do:

For the PCC, just keep them and save them for later – PCC are untradeable, and these can be very useful later in the game.

For the regalos, sell them for Donation Points (DPs), at a rate of 55-60 per DP – the artifact seller most often pays 0.15 DP transaction fee, so it’s better to save up and get a stockpile (500+, preferably in the thousands) of regalos before selling in order to only have to pay the transaction fee once.

For the minor afortunados and major afortunados, save them for later. Again, these are very useful later in the game, especially when using regalos on oneself or digging for artifacts.

For the BTC, save them for later. These will be useful to you once you get up into the higher ranks – use them on yourself later in the game to get extra turns in order to rebuild your fleet and attack more people, or to rebuild your reinforcements for your federation. For marauder restarting, you can opt to sell the btc for dps (at 15BTC/dp), but I would really argue that keeping the btc and getting the dps through other methods would be better in the long run.

For the minor barreras, use until you have 5k kho shield, then save them for later. Kho shield will protect your empire from negative artifacts. Sometimes people will buy kho at around 1k kho/dp.

So, if you are just starting to do artifact restarts – save everything, even the regalos. By artifact restarting, you are investing in your own empire, and this will pay off over time.

What to Buy with Your DPs

At this point, you have a stockpile of several thousand regalos and several hundred BTC. You can sell these artifacts (regalos at 55-60/DP, BTC at 15/DP), and then use the DPS to purchase paid projects and upgrades. Below are the most useful projects you can buy with your DPs:

Artifact > Excavator (Large) 22.95
Artifact > Excavator (Small) 12.95
Minister > Minister`s Office (L) 13.95
Planet > Terraform 2 28.95
Race > DNA Restructure I 9.95
Race > DNA Restructure II 17.95
Resource > Caymans Account 26.95
Resource > Caymans TimeBank 24.95
Ships > Deep Space Radar 5.95
NOTE: Do NOT buy any paid projects until you are DONE with restarting – reason being is that when you do a regular restart, you lose all projects.

There are many more projects; I have just included the ones that have the biggest impact on day-to-day gameplay. The Excavators are really neat projects because every 18 hours you can activate them and they give you regalos (10 for large, 5 for small). These will pay themselves off within a couple months (assuming regalos at a rate of 60regalos/dp), and after that you will start getting “free” regalos. Minister’s Office (L) is nice to have because you get extra ministers that can greatly improve your empire’s defenses. Terraform 2 allows you to access the upper tier paid systems at a cheaper price than Lost System II (Acheron, Mintaka, Parthenon – Parthenon is the best in my opinion). DNA Restructure I/II let you restart and keep your planets and systems (and projects for DNA II). Caymans Account and Timebank allow you to store extra credits/turns and are extremely useful. Finally, Deep Space Radar allows you to see the last 20 attacks in the universe – helpful for knowing which targets might have been recently weakened by another player.

Out of these projects, I would set both Excavators and Caymans Account as the highest priority. If you want the cheapest way to get 10 systems with over 50% system defense (9 Darks, 1 Titan main system) then check out my other guide: “50.9% System Defense in under 10 DPs”. (this guide is in progress).

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