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  Head to Head Rounds.  

The 1V1 event will be postponed until next week. something came up and i will be away for most of the weekend. sorry for the inconvenience people.

Okay everyone. sorry for the delay dung happens. let`s get this underway! if i can get everyone to message me their availability for the weekend that would be great. i would love to try and get the first round of combat split over the 2 days.

Currently we are looking at 6 Matches with 2 players having a bye to the second round to even things out. those players are Killerimps and Anhilus.

The Matchups of round 1 :

Mavsfan0041 vs Jyggalag

Lime vs Destroyer9

Blabhead vs Vigi

Targa vs Saints

Zero vs 3Sigma

S4Salty vs BringtheRain

Killerimp will fight the winner of game 5 and anhilus will fight the winner of game 6 in the second round of combat.

Again i would like to get the initial 6 Matches done over the weekend so if those people can drop me a pm or message when they are free it would be greatly appreciated

Edited by Teaspoon on 2020-06-19

Edited by Teaspoon on 2020-06-19
99+ day(s) ago
any update ?
99+ day(s) ago
Event postponed until next weekend
99+ day(s) ago
Try challonge.com for brackets viewing, much nicer to see and maybe get to have free ads there
99+ day(s) ago
99+ day(s) ago
If it makes it easier for people you can get in contact with your opponent to sort out a time and then message me
99+ day(s) ago
Nevermind legit didn`t read 😂😂😂
99+ day(s) ago
I thought I put my hand in this ring as well!

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