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  Ship Balance Update  

Updated 6/28/2020

These are simple buffs with the intent of making underused ships/races more useful.

Barracuda - weapon changed from kinetic to chemical
Ryu - energy/chemical shields from .5/.35 to .6/.45
Hercules - chemical attack from 2500 to 5500, total 8000
Lictor - gain RF

Guard suffered arguably the most with the recent LR/RF changes. These changes are intended to encourage a more shield-oriented counter stacking strategy while giving more defensive ability back.

Quartz - attack 2222 to 2444, hull 71110 to 77777
Fluorite - hull 138000 to 138462, chemical shield .35 to .5
Tourmaline - attack 2170 to 3100, hull 38750 to 26350
Ruby - gain RF, chemical shield .3 to .2, hull 41000 to 38900
Garnet - chemical shield .4 to .5
Topaz - weapon changed from missile to energy, shields changed from .5/.2/.35/.35 to .1/.1/.5/.5
Li - kinetic attack from 4000 to 6120, chemical attack 4000 to 6120, total 12240

Edited by GhostofJ on 2020-06-28
99+ day(s) ago

Edited by GhostofJ on 2020-09-06
99+ day(s) ago
Updated 6/8/2020


sword: attack to 173, gain RF
axe: attack to 29, gain LR
99+ day(s) ago
Updated 5/30/2020

There are two primary goals:

  • Make flank ships more brittle and easier to kill with offensive stacking
  • Open more opportunities for interesting interactions between LR and RF

    There is also a small handful of generic changes aimed at over-performing ships as well as a rebuilt and redefined large strafez runner.


    c class: lose LR gain RF
    king: kinetic shield to 0, missile and chem shield to .35
    large runner: hull to 740, attack to 74, shields to .35/.1/.5/.35, range to 4, gain RF, lose LR


    ryu: lose RF
    maru: lose LR
    odin: lose RF, energy shield to .1
    apollo: energy shield to .1
    garuda: chem shield to .25
    emp: chem shield to .1
    herc: lose LR


    piranha: energy shield to .1
    hammer: missile shield to .1
    barracuda: lose LR, hull to 3996
    pike: energy shield to .1, hull to 9375
    shark: lose LR
    bull: chem shield to .1
    pyth: missile shield to .1
    angel: kin shield to .1
    dom: lose LR, gain RF
    corral: lose LR, gain RF


    tourm: lose RF, energy shield to .3
    ruby: chem shield to .3
    quartz: lose LR, gain RF
    li: lose LR
    diamond: lose LR


    sloop: lose LR, hull to 3013
    brig: kin shield to .1
    galleon: energy shield to .1
    bark: energy shield to .1
    monitor: chem shield to .2, chem weapon to 19000


    bor: kin shield to .1
    chiron: gain RF


    hal: lose LR, hull to 1400
    epi: chem shield to .1
    chlor: missile shield to .1
    flysch: lose RF
    livid: energy shield to .1
    kryo: lose LR

    Changes are live.

    Edited by GhostofJ on 2020-06-08

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