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  Database Issue  

Info regarding the recent database issues

As many of you are now aware, during some routine maintenance we had some data corruption occur in sections of the user data for our players last weekend. We would like to sincerely apologize for all of the issues that occured related to this, as well as the downtime for some players who were unable to login.

Everyone has been given 7 free RT Paid days to apply as you please as compensation, as well as a global DNA Restructure II to help with the race issues.

This was an isolated issue and should not happen again, and as we get to the rewrite we won`t be using an older DB that has the potential for these issues to begin with.

Anyone still experiencing issues with their empire or logging in please contact Renegade (Discord: Renegade#1547) or Amadea (Discord: Wolfy#7214) or drop us a PM.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding with this issue.

- The WRI Team

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