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Infra Diminishing Return, SD fix and recalcs

We have implemented a diminishing return on infrastructure research levels to make up for the fact that infra was uncapped and older players have such an inherently huge advantage over newer players that it is effectively impossible to catch up within a reasonable time.

This means that each progressive level of infrastructure you research will grant a progressively lower % of additional efficiency or income. For housing this means you`ll get less population per housing with each successive infrastructure level.

Current max populations have been recalculated to the new maximum with the diminishing return - players who had collective double pop have been given double pop at your new lower maximum population.


The various issues with System Defense rounding and display issues should now be fixed, and everyones System Defense has been recalculated to the proper number. There should no longer be any issues pertaining to this.


Using a DNA Restructure 1 or 2 from Collective to another race will now result in your population being reset to the new races maximum. This is to prevent empires abusing the double pop as a race that normally does not get it. Those who have already paid for a DNA2 for double pop have been grandfathered in and are keeping the population for now, but any future DNA will recalculate your population.
99+ day(s) ago
Some notes/benchmarks on infra changes (related to housing infra):
Before, 1 infra level would give an additional 1 population per planet
Now, each additional infra level will give 1.01^(-0.15*[total infra level]) population per planet

75% efficient - lvl 192 (1.33 new infra lvls = 1 old infra lvl)
50% efficient - lvl 464 (2 new infra lvls = 1 old infra lvl)
25% efficient - lvl 928 (4 new infra lvls = 1 old infra lvl)
10% efficient - lvl 1542 (10 new infra lvls = 1 old infra lvl)

Edited by Renegade on 2020-06-18

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