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  Event Until Friday  

You get a transmission from an unknown sector. It`s coming from the Department of Astrological Logistics Exploration`s frigate.

"Hey, can..... BzzzZZZrtt... Can anyone hear me?"
"This is captain.....BZZZZRRRRt ElCho from the... BZzzzRRrrt.... Cornwall"

"We`ve found something, something big."
"I think we finally tracked down the source of all the food flooding the market. There`s a system out here and it`s like nothing we`ve ever seen before. We`re going in for a closer look"

"Wait I know that ship! It belonged to...."
END Transmission.......

You receive coordinates from the lost frigate with one word attached.


Maxwell`s back and this time he`s come for more than just your terran minerals...
What will the Galactic Council do?

Maxwell has returned after 18 years of hiding and somehow amassed a huge colony of rebels intent on galactic destruction. He`s flooding the market in an attempt to get revenge for what happened to him, who will stop him first?

This event lasts until midnight server-time Friday June 12th, 2020.

Maxwell will continue to flood the food market until he is defeated or the time runs out

The first federation to defeat him gets 200 UCs to distribute between their members however they like. (Or the defending federation if time expires)

Fleet is not set in stone and may change at any time

Maxwell`s DP will be refreshed up to 5 times a day as needed

Spamming is allowed
Skirmishing /raid /recon will disqualify you until the last day of the event when it will be permitted.

Good luck on winning the 200 UCs and have fun out there!
99+ day(s) ago
I was contacted by an admin, cedeing planets over 400k is against the rules so that is off the table. I`m sorry Anhil
99+ day(s) ago
Congratz to HV for winning the 200 UCs!

A special congratz to Anhilius for his swift and decisive action that has awarded him an additional prize of 23 million planets distributed however he pleases.

I hope to do more events in the future and thank you to all involved!
99+ day(s) ago
The Galactic Council received one final transmission from someone claiming to be one of Maxwell`s engineers. He gave away details about Maxwell`s fleet and how to beat it revealing a small hole in his seemingly unbreakable defenses.

The engineer claimed he put a weakness in the outer edge of Maxwell`s fleet that if struck would trigger a chain reaction and cause the whole fleet to go up in one swift strike.The engineer muttered one last thing:

"And tell him.... Galby sends his regards"

The Galactic council decided the time to strike was now and sent one of their Ace captains, Anhilius to see if he could locate the ship that was loaded with the W.Hale explosives.

After a small number of light engagements to search for the ship they were told of, Anhilius finally came across what he was looking for. In a race against time he quickly called upon the Collective`s undefeated Nexus Terraformers to aid him in making a final strike to take down Maxwell once and for all.

9:23 PM 9 Jun : Successful Invasion

Anhilius`s Viginti Sprite.WE

Ship Lost Left
d.Pike Destroyer 27,329 1,218,145
T.Sentouki Frigate 881,371 41,424,109
C.Aries Corvette 2,298,721 17,025,074
Small Strafez Fodder Organic 3,306,179 14,612,249
C.Gemini Frigate 689,083 3,366,528
Large Strafez Fodder Organic 246,181 4,561,201

Maxwell`s Parthenon.5M

Ship Lost Left
d.Dominions Juggernaught 24,465 136,015
e.Shark Cruiser 159,215 1,795,352
V.Chiron Starbase 374 194,958
e.Corral Starbase 0 109,385
T.Chimaera Starbase 169 66,641
R.Monitor Juggernaught 0 10,971
V.Pholus Dreadnought 0 180,000
A.Aragonite Dreadnought 0 400,000
Small Strafez Runner Organic 0 1,349,553
d.Dominions arrives from Galbitorix
e.Shark arrives from Galbitorix
Small Strafez Runner arrives from RayOfHope
Lost 977,165 planet(s)

The Galactic Council celebrated it`s victory finally putting an end to Maxwell, and saving the galaxy once again.
99+ day(s) ago
2+2 = 4 -1 thats 3 Quik Maffs

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