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For the past month I have been working on a set of updates for the battle simulator, which was originally made by GhostofJ. Anyone who wants the newest version of the sim please message me on Skype (blabhead83). I will begin sending it to people on August 1st.

Here are the newest updates:
-Completely restructured graphical user interface
-Event Damages Button added
-Collective buff buttons and checkboxes added; Collective buff formulas fixed
-Update Info button added
-Added ability to tab through # of Ships/Stack Pr textfields
-Added ability to use commas in the # of Ships/Stack Pr textfields
-Upon pressing Calculate button: if # of Ships/Stack Pr textfields are empty, automatically add a 0 to prevent error message
-Upon changing from # of Ships to Stack Pr (and vice versa), no extra whitespace is added to the textfield
-Fixed divide by zero error on Ships Lost and Ships Left fields
-Added More Options warning textfield in bottom right
-Added Guardian/Marauder OM Buff CheckBoxes to More Options interface
-Added functionality to Attacker and Defender Next buttons
-New ship updates added

Edited by blabhead83 on 2014-07-30

Edited by blabhead83 on 2014-09-02
99+ day(s) ago
Latest changes in the simulator:
June 2015:
-Statistics tab added
-Turns Lost button added to Statistics tab

July 2015:
-Best Minister button added to Statistics tab
-New ship updates added

Still available for download at http://blabhead83.weebly.com/

Edited by blabhead83 on 2015-07-13
99+ day(s) ago
Fixed up a few things in the simulator. Here are the latest changes:
February 2015:
-R.Sloop shielding updated
-Forced default locale to en_US to fix decimal errors
-Fixed Remaining Fleet: To Both to recognize when Pr Input is selected
You can download it at http://blabhead83.weebly.com/

Edited by blabhead83 on 2015-02-07
99+ day(s) ago
New version of the sim is available now (includes August updates):

August 2014:
-Attacker/Defender Next button error fixed
-Added ability to event paste with Pr input selected (converts ship # paste into stack Pr)
-Added number shortcuts (k = thousand, m = million, b = billion)

PM me on Skype (blabhead83) to receive the sim.

Edited by blabhead83 on 2014-09-10
99+ day(s) ago
The o isnt cap`d..just saying
99+ day(s) ago
If there are any problems with the battle simulator please let me know ASAP so I can get it fixed.

Currently, there is a problem with the attacker/defender next buttons. If stacks switch positions upon pressing the button, then pressing it again (immediately after) will cause the numbers to be given to the wrong ships. The solution for now is to only press the attacker/defender next buttons only once after pressing the calculate button. You can use the button again after you have calculated another battle. I have since fixed this error, which will be released in the next version of the simulator.
99+ day(s) ago
Very nice, keep up the good work.

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